Watercolor Paper Prints

WATERCOLOR PAPER PRINTS - These nine print selections are reproduced on the highest quality Archival Watercolor Paper available, greatly enriching the beauty, as well as the value of your print. This category includes OPEN EDITION PRINTS and LIMITED EDITION PRINTS.

OPEN EDITION PRINT (OEP): There is no limit to the number of prints that can be reproduced in an OEP series.

LIMITED EDITION PRINT (LEP): In the LEP series, there is a predetermined number of prints that will be reproduced. Once that number is reached, no other prints in that series can be made. Compared to the OEP’s, this much lower number can greatly increase the value of the print making it especially attractive to Collectors and Investors. The Artist hand-signs, then numbers the print in the sequence that it was reproduced. For example, the 57th print made in a LEP series of 1776, would be written 57/1776.

ARTIST ENHANCED (AE): The Artist hand-paints directly onto the print, the AE prints in TGoA have an array of small, medium, and large brushstrokes which incorporate a wide variety of rich, as well as pastel colors. This personal touch truly adds to the beauty and value of the print!

PERSONAL PORTRAIT ENHANCEMENT (PPE): CREATE THE OPPORTUNITY WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY BE IN THIS MASTERPIECE! The word MASTERPIECE used here is meant to emphasize our Heavenly Master as the source of all Creativity and Revelation Truth.

      • The Artist HAND-PAINTS AN ORIGINAL PORTRAIT OF A PERSON(s) OF YOUR CHOICE... whether it is yourself, a spouse, friend, coworker, or ministry associate (up to/and including a maximum of 5 people).
      • The open area just below the Eagle (in the red as well as the white stripe areas), where no people are presently painted, is where these original portraits will be painted.

**Portrait costs are in addition to the base price of the print.


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