Personal Portrait Enhancement

The PPE offers an ULTRA-UNIQUE... EXTRAVAGANT EMBELLISHMENT that surpasses even the original in one very distinct way! It is so rare that it is likely, at least up until now, that no one has owned a personalized hand painted portrait on a reproduction. You could be one of only 1776 to own one of these highly personalized treasures!

CREATE THE OPPORTUNITY WHERE YOU CAN ACTUALLY BE IN THIS MASTERPIECE! The word MASTERPIECE used here is meant to emphasize our Heavenly Master as the source of all Creativity and Revelation Truth.

The Artist HAND-PAINTS AN ORIGINAL PORTRAIT OF A PERSON(s) OF YOUR CHOICE... whether it is yourself, a spouse, friend, coworker, or ministry associate (up to/and including a maximum of 5 people).

The open area just below the Eagle in the red, as well as the white stripe areas, where no people are presently painted is where these original portraits will be painted.

**Portrait costs are in addition to the base price of the print.


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