About David Kieller

David has been given a gift to see what the casual observer often misses. Through his gift of art, he brings forth intricacies many of us might miss regarding the individuals, the objects, or settings he passionately unfolds onto his canvas or watercolor paper. Countless times my heart has been deeply impacted at the prophetic revelation his paintings reveal, as well as the depth and mastery of skill each piece is brought forth with. It is the blending of the talents and his heart that mark his paintings as works of excellence! David intimately tunes his soul and spirit to the realms of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ – what he hears and sees, he beautifully displays as an ambassador of God’s Kingdom on earth.

Donna Milham, Founder of Eagle & Dove Ministries


I have lived in this amazing state of Massachusetts since October, 2003.

As a visual Artist, I love to draw or paint a variety of subjects; yet, the most fulfilling for me is The Art of Painting People. Often, I inject a measure of humor into some of these People Paintings. Through self-observation, as well as seeing the world around me, I find there is a most generous floodgate of artistic inspiration from our sometimes bizarre humanity!

I like to think of myself as The Artist of a Million Faces. This densely populated 880 sq. inch original watercolor of “The Glory of America” has been a catapult, launching me much closer to living up to that title.

I am wonderfully blessed to be a part of an…At all cost, I’m gonna fulfill my Kingdom calling if it’s the last thing I do; and while I’m at it, I’m gonna learn to love just the way my Heavenly Father loves…Band of Believers!

Some of our community outreach involves our artists painting portraits of How God Sees You. The person having their portrait done sits for the artist, as well as one or two writers, making up a prophetic team. We then seek God’s mind and heart regarding the individual’s destiny in Christ; whether they are a believer or have yet to experience Salvation through Jesus Christ. These artworks never have the actual facial features of the person.

When all is completed, the person is shown the image, and the writing is read to them. Further conversation and/or prayer always takes place. The person is then presented with both the artwork and the word free of charge.

On countless occasions, we have witnessed the individual (or at times with other family members) impacted in a powerful way. As a Revelatory Artist, creating this type of portrait is one of my greatest passions.

As a Singer/Songwriter, one of the most precious times of being immersed in the Lord’s Presence takes place when I recline upon my bed with my guitar and worship Him through song!

Other songs I have written include the following themes: Divine Romance, Throne Room Worship, The Cross of Christ/Salvation, Spiritual Warfare, as well as fun Christ-centered story-songs for children.

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