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The Glory of America!


Dear Friends –

God Almighty, the Creator of all things has a glorious plan for the United States of America!

“The Glory of America” (TGoA) is one revelation message intertwining two separate mediums: “The Glory of America” image and “The Glory of America” song.

Two holy wonders proceed from the mouth of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ. First, His word and voice are a two-edged sword of thunder. Even His slightest whisper is able to shake every foundation, every galaxy, and everyone! Second, His breath of love and resurrection life give birth to the glory-winds of awakening and transformation upon the lives of individuals, families, regions, and nations!

It is my fervent desire that your spiritual senses are flooded with the radiant light of the Great I AM. May your spirit-man be infused with Holy Spirit revelation as you peer into this image and listen to the many-splendored sounds and lyrics of this song.

I pray His holy thunder aligns your heart and soul with His will… ”for such a time as this” as you stand firmly in the path of Loves’ glory-winds, bringing everlasting transformation to you and to the inhabitants of this land!

To grasp the depth and breadth of the prophecy regarding the song and painting, go to The Revelation page.

Blessings Galore!
David Kieller

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